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Multi-turn actuators SA, SAR, combinations SA ... GST/GK , SVM/R

Electric multi-turn actuators by AUMA are used e.g. for the automation of gate valves or globe valves. They are the most versatile products within the AUMA family.

Whether for open-close duty (SA) or for modulating duty (SAR) or for use in potentially explosive areas (SA ... ExC) –  a large number of versions is available.
  • Open-close actuators SA
  • Modulating actuators SAR
  • Explosion-proof versions
If the drive shaft is to be positioned at a certain angle to the output drive shaft or if the direction is to be displaced by 90°, combinations of the multi-turn actuators SA ... with AUMA spur gearboxes GST or bevel gearboxes GK are used.
  • Combinations multi-turn actuators SA with bevel gearbox GK or spur gearbox GST 
AUMA has also supplied actuators for the shipbuilding industry and has taken up the challenge to meet the high requirements on military ships. The electric actuators with integral controls SVM and SVMR have been optimised for this very application.
  • Open-close actuators SVM | Modulating actuators SVMR
Open-close actuators SVC
Modulating actuators SVCR
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