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Part-turn actuators SQ/R, combinations SA ... Marine actuators SGM/R

Electric part-turn actuators by AUMA are used where an automatic, electrically operated movement with a swing angle of less than  360 ° has to be implemented as it is the case for valves like butterfly and ball valves.

AUMA part-turn actuators of generation .2 are available for open-close and modulating duty – for any type of electrical connection. The torque range is extended at both upper and lower limits due to an additional actuator size.
The adaptation to the requirements of nearly every valve automation task is possible.
  • Open-close actuators SQ .2
  • Modulating actuators SQR .2
  • Explosion-proof versions
In case a higher torque is required, combinations of the multi-turn actuators SA ... with the AUMA worm gearboxes GS are used.
  • Combinations multi-turn actuators SA with worm gearboxes GS
AUMA have also supplied actuators for the shipbuilding industry and have taken up the challenge to meet the high requirements on military ships. The electric actuators with integral controls SGM and SGMR have been optimised for this very application.
  • Open-close actuators SGM | Modulating actuators SGMR
Open-close actuators SGC
Modulating actuators SGCR
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