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Open-close actuators SGM/ Modulating actuators SGMR
Part-turn actuators SGM 04.1 - SGM 10.1 for military ship-building (25Nm~500Nm)

Regarding to Old Generation (SG 04.2 - SG 10.2 )for military ship-building : Available spare parts can be purchased smoothly.
Whats' Advantages of New Generation SGM 04.1 - SGM 10.1

Any mounting position
AUMA actuators will maintain their reliability during operation irrespective of the
mounting position.

Compact design
Thanks to innovative gearing and motor technologies, all actuators are compact
in design.

Simple power supply
Cables are easily installed and are maintenance-free.

Fast mounting to valve
The separate plug-on coupling facilitates and accelerates the mounting of the devices to the valve.

Always with handwheel
AUMA actuators are always equipped with a handwheel for emergency operation in case of power failure. The travel can then also be covered using the manual drive.

Plug-in electrical connection
Electrical connections can be prepared, using the wiring diagrams, as to ensure that upon delivery, the actuators are quickly connected.
Further advantage : The wiring is maintained, even if the connection as such has to be removed e.g. for maintenance work.

Electrical local operation (option)
Once the power supply is established, the device is ready for use. The device is operated using the optional local controls.

Simple programming
Valve end positions are set using the push buttons of the local controls or a commissioning device. The other parameters are preset in the factory.
The "small" electric part-turn actuator range with integral controls.
All parameters are directly set at the actuator.

The controls contain switchgears, power supply unit, interface to the DCS. The component automatically switches the actuator off, once the valve end position is reached, motor overheating is detected or a torque overload has occurred.

All housing components are made of bronze, all external screws are made of stainless steel. This ensures complete resistance against sea water even over a longer time period.

The modulating actuators of the SGM/R range are rated for intermittent duty S4 - 40%.

Design features :
▫ Torque range from 25 Nm to 500 Nm
▫ Swing angles 82 ° to 98 °
▫ Operating times for 90° from 4 s to 90 s
▫ Limit and torque seating
▫ Variable speed, brushless motor
▫ Handwheel for manual operation

Ambient conditions :
▫ High enclosure protection
▫ High quality corrosion protection
▫ Wide ambient temperature ranges

▫ Profibus DP interface
▫ Local controls mounted separately from the actuator

New Generation (integral controls)
SGC/R 04.1 - SGC/R 10.1
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