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Modulating actuators SQR .2
Part-turn actuators SQR 05.2 - SQR 14.2 (75Nm~2400Nm)
Part-turn actuators Generation .2

Expand your possibilities
AUMA part-turn actuators of generation .2 are available for open-close
and modulating duty – for any type of electrical connection. The torque range is
extended at both upper and lower limits due to an additional actuator size.

Precision and control accuracy
The backlash-free AUMA motor coupling paired with the higher setting accuracy
of the control unit improve precision repetitivity and positioning accuracy.
The true torque measurements are more reliable and flexible.
For example: stable tripping torque throughout the complete service life,
reliably reaching the maximum torque and controlling smaller tripping torques.

Flexibility and adaptation
Flexible adaptation of nearly any valve type via the valve connection of generation .2 as standardised hollow shaft/ coupling solution.

Safe operation
End stops as stop screws cannot block and guarantee highest safety. Simple and reliable operation of springloaded change-over mechanism, including signalisation via microswitches.

Permanent reliability
Material selection, design and new manufacturing processes significantly increase service life and safeguard your investments. Standard powder coating allows higher corrosion protection category than available market standards.

Intelligent diagnostic functions and sensor system
Temperature and vibration sensors monitor service parameters and facilitate preventive service. In combination with signals relating to maintenance, function and failures, operation safety is significantly increased and failures can be prevented.
Part-turn actuators SQR .2 are rated for intermittent duty S4 - 25%

The actuators can be combined with different  controls from the simple OPEN-CLOSE controls to the micro-controlled version with logging of operating data or fieldbus interface.

Design features :
▫ Torque range from 75 Nm to 2,400 Nm
▫ Modulating torque range from 75 Nm to 1200 Nm 
▫ Swing angles from 75° to 105°
▫ Limit and torque seating
▫ 3-ph, 1-ph AC motors
▫ Handwheel for manual operation
▫ Mechanical position indicator

Ambient conditions :
▫ High enclosure protection
▫ High quality corrosion protection
▫ Wide ambient temperature ranges

▫ Deviating swing angle 
▫ Intermediate position switches
▫ Switch in tandem version
▫ Remote position transmitter
▫ Magnetic limit and torque transmitter
▫ Mechanical position indicator

Interfaces :
▫ Electrical connections via AUMA plug/ socket connector (optionally terminals)
▫ Cable glands in different versions
▫ Output drive types according to ISO standard

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