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Open-close actuators SA
Multi-turn actuators SA 07.2-SA 16.2 (Generation 2 version; 10Nm~1,000Nm) and SA 25.1 - SA 48.1 (630Nm~32,000Nm)

Regarding to General 1 vesion (SA 07.1-SA 16.1 ), Available spare parts can be purchased smoothly.

Multi-turn actuators Generation .2

Improved handling and operation
Convenient connection facility due to enlarged electrical connection via AUMA
plug/socket connector by using large cable entries.
The AUMA motor plug/socket connection is now available across the complete
Generation .2 series. The compact design results in reduced weight at comparable
torque. Improvement of the approved AUMA handwheel activation by applying
a spring-loaded system with manual operation indication.
AUMA control unit in electronic and mechanical version with adjustable reduction
gearing for conventional stroke ranges.

Intelligent diagnostic function and sensor system
In combination with the electronic control unit, temperature and vibration sensors for monitoring the service parameters guarantee reliable operation and allow preventive maintenance for Generation .2 multi-turn actuators.

Precision and control accuracy
An enhanced mechanical structure and reduced mechanical tolerances have lead to improved control accuracy and an extended output speed range for modulating actuators.

Permanent reliability
Material selection, construction and new manufacturing methods as well as the further enhanced corrosion protection ensure higher service life.

Flexibility and adaptation
The valve connection for Generation .2 multi-turn actuators implemented as standardised hollow shaft, plug sleeve solution - allows significant flexibility for valve adaptations.
Multi-turn actuators SA 07.2-16.2 and SA25.1 - SA 48.1 for open-close duty are rated for short-time duty S2 - 15 min. A special version with reduced torque is available for the S2 - 30 min duty.

Actuators of the type range SA 07.2 - SA 16.2 can be combined with various controls.  From the simple OPEN-CLOSE control to the micro-controlled version with logging of operating data or fieldbus interface.

Design features :
▫ Torque range from 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm
▫ Output speeds from 4 to 180 rpm
▫ Limit and torque seating
▫ Output drive types according to ISO standard
▫ Available with 3-ph AC, 1-ph AC and DC motors
▫ Handwheel for manual operation

Ambient conditions :
▫ High enclosure protection
▫ High quality corrosion protection
▫ Wide ambient temperature ranges

▫ Intermediate position switches
▫ Switches in tandem version
▫ Remote position transmitter 
▫ Magnetic limit and torque transmitter 
▫ Mechanical position indicator

Interfaces :
▫ Electrical connection via AUMA plug/ socket connector (optionally terminals)
▫ Output drive types according to ISO and DIN standard 
▫ Cable entries in different versions  

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