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Actuator controls AUMA MATIC AM
The AUMA MATIC is the most cost-effective solution for those applications with conventional control of the valves in OPEN-CLOSE duty.

The AUMA MATIC controls can be combined with the multi-turn actuators SA, multi-turn actuators SAR,  and the part-turn actuators SG.

Design features :
▫ Modular interface concept for remote control
▫ Local controls with lockable selector switch, push-buttons and indication lights 
▫ Programmable control logic ("push-to-run" or "self-retaining") 
▫ Programmable type of seating (torque or limit seating)
▫ Separate mounting on wall bracket possible
▫ Motor control via reversing contactors or thyristors (option)
▫ Automatic phase correction
▫ External 24 VDC supply (option)

Ambient conditions :
▫ High enclosure protection
▫ High quality corrosion protection
▫ Wide ambient temperature ranges

Interfaces and features:
▫ Control inputs with different voltages (DC/AC)
▫ Potential-free signal relays for status indication
▫ Analogue control (0/4-20 mA)
▫ Fieldbus interface

Interfaces :
▫ Electrical connection via AUMA plug/ socket connector (optionally terminals)
▫ Cable entries in different versions

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