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Actuator controls AUMATIC AC
Actuator controls Generation .2

▪ Accurate Programming and setting, wireless or directly via device display
▪ User-friendly, multi-lingual, intuitive operation
▪ Function extension updates can be made wireless via Bluetooth
▪ Comfortable Operation, setting, diagnostic and recording of all actuator data via AUMA Tool Suite

Easy operation
Clear presentation of all operation and configuration options
on a large and easy-to-read display. User-friendly and
multi-lingual menu navigation. Operation via local controls or
wireless connection via the AUMA ToolSuite..

Diagnostic and operating data logging
All parameter and diagnostic data can be directly accessed.
Torque curves are recorded and displayed. Time-stamped
history for setting, operation process and faults can be
accessed at any time. Hereby all events and signals are
classified according to NAMUR guidelines.

Perfect connection
In parallel communication, up to 10 digital inputs and up to 12 output contacts offer a comprehensive interface to the DCS. The AUMATIC offers interfaces to all conventional fieldbus systems, including Profibus DP V2, and supports the concepts for smooth device integration into the DCS, such as, for example FDT/DTM.

Optimum monitoring
Limit values of operational parameters are continuously sent and can be accessed either via the display or via the DCS.

Enhanced applications
Under-voltage conditions up to - 30 %, ambient temperatures between  - 60 °C and +70 °C.
With the AUMATIC controls with micro-controller, AUMA offers the 4th generation of integral actuator controls. The design concept: A modular system consisting of functions, communication interfaces and equipment elements, enables the ideal combination for every valve automation problem to be found.

Vital information to the operation, e.g. number of starts or running time, is recorded by the integral data logger. Thereby settings can be checked and -  if required - optimised. Extensive diagnostic functions allow quick corrective actions in the event of a fault.

The AUMATIC AC controls can be combined with the multi-turn actuators SA, multi-turn actuators SAR,  and the part-turn actuators SG.

Design features :
▫ Modular interface concept for remote control
▫ Local controls with lockable selector switch, push-buttons and indication lights 
▫ LCD display for status indication and programming support
▫ Non-intrusive actuator setting and control programming (in connection with magnetic limit and torque transmitter MWG)
▫ Separate mounting on wall bracket possible
▫ Motor control via reversing contactors or thyristors
▫ Automatic phase correction
▫ External 24 VDC supply (option)

Ambient conditions :
▫ High enclosure protection
▫ High quality corrosion protection
▫ Wide ambient temperature ranges

Interfaces and features :
▫ Control inputs with different voltages (DC/AC)
▫ Potential-free signal relays for status indication
▫ Analogue control (0/4-20 mA)
▫ Programmable stepping mode (for running time extension) 
▫ Freely definable intermediate positions
▫ Process controller (PID)
▫ Fieldbus control (Profibus DP/DPV1, Modbus RTU, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet)
▫ Fieldbus interface also available as component redundancy
▫ Behaviour in emergency situations and during loss of communication (programmable)
▫ Limit and torque as analogue signal (in connection with magnetic limit and torque transmitter MWG)
▫ Logging of operating data
▫ Bluetooth interface to Laptop or PDA (option)

Interfaces :
▫ Electrical connection via AUMA plug/ socket connector (optionally terminals)
▫ Cable entries in different versions
▫ FO connection for fieldbus interfaces
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