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SIMA Master Station

The SIMA master station has a modular design based on industrial personal computer technology and offers various interfaces to communicate with its environment. It can be used as black box to collect all information from AUMA actuators distributed in the field and to put these information in a concentrated form at the disposal of a higher level host system.

Furthermore, the SIMA can operate as stand-alone master station for the control of actuators.

Design features :
▫ EMC protected 19" rack
▫ Windows user interface 
▫ Integral server for Internet access worldwide

Functions :
▫ Support of redundancy systems 
▫ Logging and storing of all plant and operating data
▫ Local operation and monitoring

Communication :
▫ Slaves: PROFIBUS-DP or MODBUS-RTU protocols
▫ DCS system: additonally DeviceNet, Ethernet or RS 232

Designed by 홈페이지제작.kr