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Fieldbus interfaces
Actuator controls with fieldbus interfaces
Fieldbus systems are increasingly used to connect process control systems and field devices when it comes to the automation of different tasks and processes in industrial environments. This development is based on the considerable cost reductions during planning and commissioning as well as during operation and maintenance of these systems. Smooth interaction of various field devices is ensured by open international fieldbus standards.

Due the modular AUMA design, all actuators available at AUMA can be equipped with a standardised fieldbus interface such as Profibus or Modbus.

Design principle :
Choosing from a modular system, consisting of actuator controls, fieldbus interfaces, the available transmission media and redundancy concepts, tailor-made solutions for every automation task can be found.

Various fieldbus interfaces are available for the actuator controls AUMATIC AC and AUMA MATIC AM.

Sofware :
the latest version of the software

FIeldbus interfaces for AUMATIC AC :
▫ Profibus DP-V0 and Profibus DP-V1 (option) 
▫ Modbus RTU
▫ DeviceNet
▫ Foundation Fieldbus

Fieldbus interfaces for AUMA MATIC AM :
▫ Profibus DP-V0 and Profibus DP-V1 (option)
▫ Modbus RTU
▫ Interbus S

Transmission media :
▫ RS-485 (Profibus and Modbus)
▫ Fibre optics in line, star and redundant ring topology (Profibus and Modbus)
▫ CAN (DeviceNet)
▫ IEC 61158 (Foundation Fieldbus)

Data interfaces for net data transmission:
- Run commands
▫ Set point control via three-position controller (option)
▫ Set point control via PID process controller (option for AUMATIC)
▫ Approaching of up to 8 intermediate positions (option for AUMATIC)
- Signals :
▫ End position reached
▫ Intermediate position reached
▫ Faults (collective fault signal)
▫ Running indication
▫ Motor protection tripped
▫ Preset torque exceeded
▫ Selector switch position (LOCAL or REMOTE)
▫ Loss of phase 
▫ Position indication
▫ Torque indication (option for AUMATIC)

Data interfaces for diagnosis and maintenance :
▫ Access to operating data of the actuator (via Profibus DP-V1)
▫ Access to the electronic name plate of the actuator (via Profibus DP-V1)

Elements integrated into the process control system :
▫ EDD (Electronic Device Description) for Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager)
▫ DTM (Device Type Manager) for process control systems with FDT 1.2 interface
▫ SIMA master station

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